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Mommy, My Throat is Closing

As a food allergy parent, there are moments you start to subconsciously file away in a little box in the ...
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What Now?

So you've just discovered your child has food allergies. What now? For starters, take a deep breath. For real, right ...
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Helping You

Beginning our food allergy journey over 5 years ago with this tiny one was difficult. I remember leaving the allergist not knowing what to do, or what to eat, next. Basic Allergy Mom aims to come along side parents of the newly diagnosed as a friendly resource to their new normal.

Our Story

My oldest, Ansleigh, was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies to dairy, peanut, tree nut and egg by the age of 1. This began our journey of rediscovering food all the while trying to tame the fear and anxiety. Over 5 years later, we now navigate how to keep her and her sister Josie (PN) safe, while still giving their non-allergic brother Fritz their allergens in hopes of preventing the development of allergies.

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