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Welcome to Basic Allergy Mom! My name is Alison, follower of Jesus, wife of a smoking hot fella, mother of 3 almost 4, and oddly passionate about helping new food allergy parents navigate this crazy world they have been thrown into.

My two oldest children both have food allergies. My almost 6yr old is anaphylactic to dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts specifically pecan and walnut. She’s recently outgrown an egg allergy, we’re so thankful! These are allergies she has had since birth likely, diagnosed around 8months old after an anaphylactic reaction. She had horrible eczema as a baby, my first indication of what was to come. My 3yr old is allergic to peanuts; this is an allergy that developed after she turned 3. We gave her peanuts two or three times shortly after she turned one and we’d cleared her with skin testing. However, we didn’t make a point to continue exposure in an effort to keep her older sister safe. Hindsight…big mistake. Our current youngest child is 1yr old, and we give him dairy and peanuts once every week or two, when the girls aren’t at home. Such an adventure!

I am passionate about allergy education for parents, and am still learning myself. I’ve found there can be a disconnect between a diagnosis and enough information on how to protect your child. The information I’ve learned over the past 5 years is plentiful, and there just isn’t enough time with an allergist to cover it all. I found Google was my best friend in the early days, and I’m hoping to provide a one-stop shop for parents here.

As I said, I’m still learning, and am nowhere near an expert!) and will likely make mistakes. Always double check with your allergist!

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