One Team

As I begin developing my tiny little slice of the inter webs, the very heart beat of Basic Allergy Mom is team work. As I think of each of my readers, both now and in the future, I honestly don’t confine it to just food allergy parents. I think of the grandparents, friends, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and roommates of our food allergy kids. Of course the perspective and drive come from a food allergy mama’s heart…but my words are for everyone that love someone with food allergies.

Because that is so important to me, it’s imperative that even us within the allergy community are on the same page, one team. I recently read a post from a well known food allergy advocate group that actually hurt a lot of parents. There were judgmental remarks from both the group and followers of the group regarding whether or not to have your child’s allergens in your household. Things were heated to say the least. I’ll post more on the specific topic later, but know there are wonderful reasons for both options.

As we go on these journeys, we have to remember that perspective and experience vary tremendously. Where one family’s best option is to eliminate allergens in their house, for others their best option is actually to keep them in their house. Where one family may pursue OIT, another may steer clear of it. We do our best to study and research (google) the best information, and then help one another make the best educated decisions for their household. Our One Team mindset should be how to make our family choice the safest, not why one choice or the other is correct. Supportive and uplifting with solid education on the matter, not judgmental and hurtful based on opinion.

One Team.

The stress of a food allergy parent is so very tangible. It is every single meal and snack of the day. It is every time you send your child off with another person in charge (if you can bring yourself to do it) trusting that they will thoroughly check and wipe down surfaces, keep them a safe distance from others eating their allergens, and watching their face for random hives, as well as you do. It is facing the unknowns and what ifs of every day, while trying to help your child be their own strong, bold, courageous advocate and yet at the same time somewhat oblivious, just to keep some of their innocence a little longer. I keep dreading the day my children understand their allergies can not only make them “very, very, sick”, but when it really sets in that they can kill them. How in the world am I going to navigate that?? One step at a time, maybe some therapy, and lots of wine I’m sure. (therapy for both…wine for me…clearly)

One Team.

These reasons, and many more not listed, are why we need to be One Team, for those living  the food allergy life, and those supporting. These reasons are why I think, research, write, reach out and post. From the beginning of such a lonely and unknown place, each day I grow in confidence and understanding. And not because our allergist (who is wonderful) is constantly communicating with me daily about all my questions, but because the community we have as food allergy parents is tight knit and dead set on helping each other. As we adventure here, I hope my words land softly and lovingly. I hope they encourage and uplift. I hope they educate and inspire. Most of all I hope they help all of us to connect and strive to be

One Team.

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